Using approaches other than the traditional standard to bring in new talent has significant benefits for a recruiting manager. Most workers nowadays go into employment aptitude testing with some sense of what they could face. If you control the firm, there’s a risk you won’t get the top people on board. To ensure that you have hired the best, you must offer everyone an equal chance throughout the application process. As a result, being creative with your recruiting strategies ensures that potential applicants will encounter that strategy for the first time. If this recruiting strategy is impartial, you’ll obtain the finest results.

You could attempt some creative hiring tactics listed below.

Use social media to promote your ads

Although using programmatic advertising isn’t very novel, it’s a notion worth considering for your online recruitment. You can obtain the best hands if you go to specialty sites where your potential prospects hang out. Consider big-name organizations advertising job openings on, say, Spotify. This contrasts with the widely used social networking networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. At the same time, Strike IT in the United States hired 111 people after soliciting applicants on Reddit. This is an approach that is also used by Goldman Sachs. Mainstream social media may assist you in developing a great employer brand and reaching out to a larger audience.

Interviewing on video

Video interviewing technology might be a terrific choice for top-tier candidates residing overseas. It is self-explanatory, yet it does not negate its effectiveness. It will save you a lot of time and money, and you will still have access to a broader pool of candidates than if you used traditional recruiting techniques. There is a technique to make video interviewing more innovative by improving it. You might conduct pre-employment skills tests and assessments using video technology to collect critical data about your potential applicant, such as vocal replies, gesticulations, and eye movements. This data collection may assist you in predicting a candidate’s chances of future employment success.

Make use of the freelancing job boards.

This is a cutting-edge recruiting strategy that is quickly gaining traction.
You likely need a certain task to be completed as fast as possible. Perhaps one of your competent workers in a certain area hasn’t completed a task to your satisfaction. You have a deadline to fulfill, and your employees have other responsibilities. You may look for freelancers on sites like or Upwork or look for freelancing websites with specialists in certain sectors, such as Kolabtree, a website for freelance medical writers. These tools will assist you in finding the best applicant. The benefit is that you may get multiple suitable applicants and choose one available to attend to your task and complete it as quickly as feasible. This will save you a lot of time and money since you won’t have to go through the whole hiring process or any onboarding activities before your task is completed. Working with a freelancer also lets you see how excellent they are so that when you need someone with similar talents for a full-time position, you can recruit them right away.

Use gamification techniques

Several firms have begun to use this creative recruiting strategy to find the finest people for key positions in recent years. Gamifying a recruiting process allows employees to look beyond resumes and concentrate on applicants’ abilities and intelligence quotients. You may utilize gamification software from firms like Knack to improve your recruiting process. Unilever for example employs clever games to test young grads more quickly and fairly.

Including employee incentives in your ads

This may seem different from other unique recruitment tactics for attracting top-tier prospects, but it works like magic and gives you an advantage over your competition when it comes to attracting the greatest talent. When professional prospects weigh their alternatives, they’ll be relieved to learn that one of the four organizations they’re considering offers certain employee benefits that are too fantastic to pass up. As an example, as a corporation, you might discuss how you would assist your staff in succeeding in their goals by sending them overseas to hone their abilities. Any potential applicant who sees this will be instantly attracted, and it will assist you in finding the top candidates. This is because many firms’ recruiting methods are being influenced by global mobility. It is unlikely that your nation would have all of the greatest answers for your firm; therefore, sending your personnel on frequent training overseas is vital so that you may learn more from the experts in that field. Prospective workers are continuously on the hunt for this and other employee incentives.

Recruiting and finding specialists using internet technologies

Recruiters have traditionally used Internet technology, such as job sites and social networks, to identify experts. This recruiting approach has become much more significant because of the tremendous shift in people’s lives to the internet. In 2021, here are five novel approaches for sourcing/procurement experts to acquire people that organizations should be aware of:

Instagram stories and posts

It is now a great instrument for attracting attention to your business. If you want to familiarise applicants with corporate culture, discuss current events and activities, inform them about the characteristics and advantages of working in a firm, and give them a chance to observe the company’s life from the inside, this resource is for you.

Competitions on the internet

Organizing online technical contests allows you to analyze and attract individuals who aren’t actively hunting for employment right now. You could also be able to find a solution to some of the company’s present issues (this is how Google, Microsoft, and Facebook work).

Sites that allow you to display your work

Use services like Dribble (for discovering creative individuals) and Pinterest (for picture hosting), where users can publish their work, and others may score and appreciate it.

Establishment of online professional networks at the corporate level

This tool will assist you in developing connections with members by allowing you to study and debate professional themes in communities (for example, via the use of enormous online conversations such as WhatsApp). You will be able to access prospective recruiting applicants after building a professional connection.


If you’re a hiring manager, you want to be renowned for the quality of the people you hire. To do so, you must be at the top of your game regarding recruitment. Bringing new ideas to the table has shown to be advantageous to most businesses, and we wouldn’t be talking about these recruiting strategies if they didn’t work. If you’re about to start recruiting, check out some of these ideas and see how well they work for you. Take a look at this post on hiring people for your company.

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