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A college education does not always guarantee a job. While the academic curriculum has struggled to keep up with the changing needs of the new industry, our “Train and Hire” employability solutions aim to bridge the gap between available talent and the job-ready graduates required by organisations.

Roughly 9.2 million students graduate every year from colleges. While 70% of these graduates look for formal employment, only 15-20% are able to secure one. Placement statistics across tier-II and tier-III colleges suggest that the employment gap is more acute. Industry wants to hire not only the right talent with the right skill set but also someone who has a positive attitude and work skills. Hence, it is not a problem of the availability of competent and talented graduates but employability of talent.

It is all about opportunities and employability when it comes to finding a job. As a result, it is critical to plan ahead of time before opportunities knock on your door. One must have:

  • Access to Recruiting
  • Knowledge and competency

Corporate Hiring Challenges

  • Articulation ability
  • Inability to corelate concepts
  • Poor aptitude skills
  • Weak communication
  • Inability to apply knowledge
  • Lack of confidence in fundamentals
  • Lack of hands-on experience

Educora collaborates closely with students, colleges, and employers to narrow the employability gap for future jobs. We create learning solutions to help students become job and future-ready. Employers and colleges look to us for employability solutions to help them solve their problems so they can focus on their core operations.

Fresher – Job Oriented Program

This is a one-of-a-kind programme that teaches students about new technologies and prepares them to work in the industry. This also gives students a taste of new technologies, giving them an advantage over their competitors during the Selection Process.

How this benefits the student

  • Increasing awareness of current trends and available job opportunities.
  • Assists the student in determining his or her career path.
  • Having the opportunity to improve their technical and general skills, which will prepare them for the job by bridging the knowledge gap.
  • Assists students in transforming their personalities so that they are ready for day one of their corporate careers.

Career Tracks

  • Data Science & Analytics
  • Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence
  • Block Chain
  • Java Full Stack
  • Cloud Computing
  • Software Testing
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Digital Technologies
  • Database → Java
  • Database → .Net

Hands-on Project

During the programme, students work on projects that give them real-time exposure to what is going on in the industry. This also allows them to include project details in their CVs, which boosts their confidence during the technical interview.

Freshers – Train and Hire Model

Client project specific train and deploy model for zero bench cost and quicker billability.


  • Zero cost for sourcing and training the resources
  • Evaluation of candidates throughout the process to ensure good quality
  • Quicker billability
  • Reduction in process overheads of HR and payroll
  • Option of getting existing staff trained on new skills along with this batch

We make Enterprise training work

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What Makes Educora the Best?

Our customers have chosen and appreciated us for providing top-of-the-line Training solutions, as well as creativity and outside-the-box thinking, which translates into personal and organisational greatness.

More than 150 courses in IT management, information technology, foreign languages, behavioral and management development, and college to corporate programs are available through Educora.

Our core team is made up of reputable individuals with a wealth of expertise that matches the breadth and diversity of our customer list.

We collaborate closely with multilateral organisations to effectively implement skill-development and capability-building initiatives, as well as with businesses to help them achieve long-term impact through their CSR efforts.

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