Cyber Security

About Cyber Security

Educora has introduced a new cybersecurity certification in Pune, which will counteract the skills shortage in cybersecurity Training in Pune. stored in secure computers. The world has gotten smaller and people are easier to reach, but this has increased the amount of data leaks, hacking and unauthorized access. To avoid these types of incidents, it is important to keep computers and the Internet secure. This is where cybersecurity comes in. If you are passionate about being an IT specialist or a cybersecurity expert, our Pune organization is certified in cybersecurity designed just for you. This course will give you a deep understanding of internet security and the security measures that prevent many unwanted cyberattacks Courses on computers over the internet.

Why You Go For Certification in Cyber Security at SevenMentor?

This course corresponds to the popular Pune cybersecurity certification at Educora. the course that teaches each of the hacking and measurement techniques. This course is fully active and an orientation phase. And hopefully we will say that, the lecturers are network intrusion and security specialists with many years of experience.


Cybersecurity is the process of protecting computers, servers, mobile devices, networks, and databases from malware attacks, also known as information security. These attacks are generally carried out to gain access to sensitive information, extort money, or disrupt commercial operations. gives you an understanding of the basic concepts for building secure systems. Our comprehensive online cybersecurity training course will introduce you to advanced cybersecurity Training in pune techniques such as reverse engineering, penetration testing, and various tools used to defend your systems. artificial intelligence and the revolutionary changes in the digital world create a high demand for cybersecurity Course in Pune specialists. Hired by the best information security actors and a key member of the organization.



  • Freshers and as of late passed out understudies or graduates
  • Experts who need to change their space to Cybersecurity
  • Security experts who needs to improve their abilities
  • Security Auditors
  • Security System Engineers
  • Specialized Support Engineers
  • Organization Engineers, expert, directors and managers
  • IT Professionals


1.0 Introduction It Security

  • Data Security
  • Security and Its Needs
  • It Security Life Cycle

2.0 Desktop Security

  • Working System Basics
  • Windows Installation
  • Windows Policies
  • What Is Vmware
  • Fundamental of Computer Networking
  • OSI and TCP/IP Model
  • Tcp Vs Udp
  • Tcp Frame Header
  • Udp Frame Header
  • Tcp Communication Flags
  • Systems administration Devices (Hub,Router,Switch,Etc.)
  • Windows and Linux Dual Boot

3.0 Networking Security

  • Macintosh address, IP-address Classes
  • What is Router
  • Static and Dynamic Routing
  • Sending the Messages
  • Directing the Traffic
  • Sending the Packets
  • Arrangement of Router
  • Conventions on Router
  • Nat (Network Address Translation)
  • Pat (Port Address Translation)
  • What Is Dsl and Adsl Router
  • Upper leg tendon
  • Investigating
  • Getting the Routers

4.0 Linux Security

  • Presentation
  • Advantages of Linux
  • Kali Linux and Red Hat
  • Linux Directory and File System Structure
  • Record Permission on Linux
  • Linux Commands (Find,grep,etc)
  • How to Set Up a Firewall Under Linux?
  • Iptables and Configuration
  • Windows Vs. Linux Design

5.0 Introduction to Hacking

  • Prologue to Ethical Hacking
  • Windows and Linux Intro
  • Kali Linux (Usages)
  • Profound/Dark Web

6.0 Reconnaissance

  • Data Intelligence.
  • Put together Your Information
  • Google/bing Hacking.
  • Operating system Info Hunting.
  • Uptime Info Hunting.

7.0 Scanning

  • Web Server Info Hunting
  • Traceroute Target Ip Address.
  • Tcp Port Scanning.
  • Syn Port Scanning.
  • Tcp Ack Firewall Scanning.
  • Discovering Live Hosts
  • Udp Sweeping and Probing

8.0 Enumeration

  • Identifying Username Groups and Passwords.
  • Chasing and Profiling People.
  • Get-together Email Accounts Sub Domains/have.
  • Data set Enumeration.
  • Dns Enumeration.

9.0 Hacking Web Server

  • Assaulting Apache Web Server.
  • Assaulting IIS Web Server.

10.0 System Hacking

  • Linux Hacking and Securing
  • Windows Hacking and Securing

11.0 Wireless Hacking

  • Assaulting Wep Protected 802.11 Networks.
  • Assaulting Wpa/wpa2 Protected 802.11 Networks.
  • Rebel Access Point
  • Man in Middle Attack (Mitm)
  • Underhanded Twin Attack
  • Bluetooth Hacking

12.0 Dos and Ddos

  • Dos and DDos
  • Dos and Ddos Tools and Commands
  • DDos Attack on Bank-Website
  • Dos Attack on Server (Self)

13.0 Cryptography

  • What Is Cryptography
  • What Is Cipher?
  • Codes Types
  • Sorts of Cryptography
  • Hashing
  • Hashing File and Passwords
  • Pkc

14.0 Steganography

  • What Is Steganography
  • LSB Algorithm
  • Steganography in Images
  • Steganography in Audio
  • Whitespace Steganography

15.0 PassWords Attacks

  • Cryptography Attacks
  • Secret key Attacks
  • Kinds of Password Attacks
  • Secret key Cracking of Windows, Linux, Ssh.
  • Site Password Cracking

16.0 Social Engineering

  • Phishing
  • Progressed Social Engineering Attacks
  • Lance Phishing Attacks.
  • Sms Spoofing
  • Email Spoofing
  • Hacking Email Accounts
  • Countermeasures

17.0 Sniffing and Spoofing

  • What Is a Cam Table
  • Sniffing Network Passwords
  • Sniffing Http Passwords
  • Sniffing Ftp and Telnet Passwords
  • Dynamic Sniffing
  • Detached Sniffing
  • Sniffing Cookies
  • Man in the Middle Attack.

18.0 Systems Hacking and Exploit-advancement

  • Windows and Linux Hacking
  • Progressed Antivirus Detection Evasion and Bypassing.
  • Progressed Firewall Outbound/inbound Rules Evasion and Bypassing.
  • Progressed Windows User Access Control (Uac) Evasion and Bypassing.
  • Low level computing construct
  • Take advantage of Writing
  • Windows Buffer Overflow Exploit
  • Linux Buffer Overflow Exploit

19.0 Firewall,IDS,IPS and Honeypot

  • What Is Ids
  • Ids Types
  • What Is Ips
  • Firewall
  • Firewall Types
  • Equipment and Software Firewall
  • Protecting Network With (Smoothsec Express) Next-Gen Firewall.
  • Honeypot and Honeynet
  • Honeypot Low and High Interaction
  • Following Black-Hat Hacker
  • Sidestepping Ids, Firewall,honeypot

20.0 VPN and Proxy-worker

  • What Is Proxy
  • Intermediary Types
  • Socks and Reverse-intermediary
  • Vpn
  • Vpn Types
  • Open Vpn
  • Ipsec Vpn
  • Vpn Types
  • Vpn Security Issues

21.0 Malwares

  • Composing Trojan for Windows.
  • What Is a Botnet and Attacks.
  • Versatile Malware
  • Versatile Anti-malware
  • Infection and Worms
  • Ransomware for Linux and Windows
  • Hostile to malware
  • Malware Analysis
  • Sheep-plunge System
  • Malwares Countermeasures

22.0 Cloud Computing

  • What Is Cloud.
  • What Is Types and Use.
  • Cloud for Hackers

23.0 Android Introduction

  • Prologue to the Course
  • Course Instructions
  • What Is Android.

24.0 Interacting With Android Devices

  • Establishing
  • Termux for Android
  • Vnc-distant Access
  • Busybox Tools.

25.0 Android Hacking and Exploitation.

  • Taking advantage of Android Devices Using Metasploit
  • Hacking Windows,android Using Android Phone.
  • Bypassing Android Locks
  • Information Hacking of Android

26.0 Android Pentesting

  • Eliminating advertisements From Android
  • Breaking Application for Free Use.
  • Concealing Identity From Police.
  • Hacking Calls Logs and Sms Messages From Android Devices.

27.0 Introduction to WAPT

  • What Is Web Penetration Testing
  • What Is Web?
  • Understanding the Depth of Web

28.0 Owasp Top 10 Injection

  • What Is Owasp Top 10 Injection
  • What Is Proxy?
  • What Is Interception Proxies
  • Burp Suite Introduction

29.0 Information Gathering WAPT

  • Discovering Whois and Dns
  • Dns Harvesting Extracting
  • An Open Source Information Gathering
  • The Http Protocols
  • Http Methods
  • Http Status Codes
  • Http Request and Response
  • What Is HTTPS
  • Http Methods and Verb Tampering
  • Http Method Testing With Nmap and Metasploit

30.0 Web App Basic Test

  • Web App Cryptography Attacks
  • Information Encoding
  • Encoding Schemes, URL Encoding, Unicode Encoding
  • Bypassing Weak Cipher
  • Testing Https
  • Nmap Scan
  • Social affair Server Info

31.0 Burp Suite top to bottom

  • Burp Target
  • Burp Proxy
  • Burp Intruder
  • Burp Repeater
  • Burp Scripting
  • Spidering Web Application
  • Dissecting Spidering
  • Burp Fuzzing

32.0 Broken Authentication and Session Management

  • Data Leakage
  • Index Browsing
  • What Is Authentication
  • Http Response Splitting
  • Http Basic Authentication
  • Sidestep Authentication Prompt
  • Assaulting Http Basic Authentication With Nmap and Metasploit
  • Http Digest Authentication
  • Http Set-treat With Httpcookie
  • Username Harvest

33.0 Injection Attacks

  • Html Injection Basics
  • Html Injection in Tag Parameters
  • Meeting Tracking
  • Meeting Fixation
  • Validation Bypass

34.0 Command Injection

  • Order Injection
  • Web to Shell on the Server
  • Web Shell: Php Meterpreter
  • Web Shell: Netcat Reverse Connects
  • Web Shell: Using Python, Php Etc.

35.0 LFI and RFI

  • Far off Basics
  • RFI to Meterpreter
  • LFI Basics
  • LFI With Directory Prepends
  • Far off Code Execution With LFI and File Upload Vulnerability

36.0 Upload Attacks

  • Record Upload Vulnerability Basics
  • Beating Content-type Check in File Upload
  • Bypassing Blacklists in File Upload
  • Bypassing Whitelists Using Double Extensions in File Uploads
  • Invalid Byte Injection in File Uploads
  • Taking advantage of File Uploads to Get Meterpreter

37.0 Unvalidated Redirects and Forwards

  • Unvalidated Redirects
  • Abuse Open Redirects
  • Getting Open Redirects

38.0 Sql Injection

  • Sql Injection
  • Sqli Discovering
  • Mistake Based Sqli
  • Dazzle Based Sqli
  • Information Extraction
  • Sql Tools
  • Sqlmap
  • Sqlmap + Zap

39.0 Client-side Attacks

  • What Is Javascript
  • Dom-based XSS
  • Explotating Dom-XSS
  • Javascript Injection
  • Cross-site Scripting
  • Intelligent XSS
  • Put away XSS
  • XSS Tools
  • XSS Fuzzing
  • XSS Exploitation
  • Meat Tool Stealing Cookies
  • Ajax
  • Ajax XSS

40.0 Csrf Attacks

  • Cross-site Request Forgery
  • Double-dealing CSRF
  • Login Attack

41.0 Web App Tools

  • What Is Automation Testing
  • What Is Manual Testing
  • Wpscan
  • W3af
  • WordPress Testing

42.0 Firewall Testing

  • Web Application Firewall
  • Wap Options
  • Mod_security
  • Waf Detection

43.0 Methodology and Reporting

  • Web Application Penetration Testing Methods
  • Detailing and Presenting

44.0 Other Attacks

  • SSI Attacks
  • Worker side Template Injection
  • IDOR Injection
  • LDAP Injection
  • Xml External Entity

45.0 Platform

  • Cross-site Request Forgery
  • Abuse CSRF
  • Login Attack

46.0 Penetration testing with Bash script

Part 1: Getting to Know Bash

  • Exploring and looking the filesystem
  • Utilizing I/O redirection
  • Utilizing pipes
  • Becoming acquainted with grep

Section 2: Customizing your shell

  • Arranging the terminal Output
  • The Prompt String
  • Pseudonyms
  • Altering the order history
  • Altering tab culmination

Section 3: Network Reconnaissance

  • Cross examination the Whois workers
  • Questioning the DNS workers
  • Identifying objective on the nearby organization

Section 4: Exploitation and Reverse Engineering

  • Utilizing the Metasploit order line interface
  • Getting ready payloads with Metsploit
  • Making and sending a payload
  • Diassembling doubles
  • Troubleshooting doubles for dynamic investigation

Part 5: Network Exploitation and Monitoring

  • Macintosh and ARP misuse
  • Man in the center assaults
  • Investigating workers
  • Animal driving verification
  • Traffic sifting with TCPDump
  • Evaluating SSL Implementation security
  • Robotized web application security evaluation

47.0 Penetration testing with Python

Part 1: Python with Penetration Testing and Networking

  • Presenting the extent of pentesting
  • Ways to deal with pentesting
  • Presenting Python prearranging
  • Understanding the tests and devices you’ll require
  • Learning the normal testing stages with Python
  • Organization attachments
  • Worker attachment techniques
  • Customer Socket techniques
  • General attachment techniques
  • Continuing on the reasonable

Part 2: Scanning Pentesting

  • Step by step instructions to check live framework in an organization and idea of a live framework
  • What are the administrations running on the objective machine?

Part 3: Sniffing and Penetration Testing

  • Presenting an organization sniffer
  • Executing an organization sniffer utilizing python
  • Finding out about pressing crafing
  • Presenting ARP caricaturing and carrying out it utilizing Python
  • Tesing and Security framework utilizing custom parcel creating and infusion

Part 4: Wireless Pentesting

  • Remote SSID finding and remote traffic investigation by python
  • Remote assaults

Part 5: Foot Printing of a Web Server and a Web Application

  • The idea of foot printing of a web worker
  • Data social occasion of a site from smartwhois by the parser
  • BeautifulSoup
  • Pennant Grabbing of a site
  • Solidifying of a web worker

Part 6: Client-Side and DDoS Attacks

  • Presenting customer side approval
  • Altering the customer side boundary with Python