Android course Android is a light, open-source operating system. Android is based on the Linux operating system. Java is the backbone of Android programming. In order to develop software that can run on the Android operating system, we need to learn to program Android.

About the Android

About the Android Course Knowing that Android operating systems can be used for devices such as mobile devices, smart TVs, and watches, by learning Android application development with Educora, an Android training course in Pune, we can create an application for all develop these devices. Android is a partnership with Google that provides pre-installed software called proprietary software. The development of Android applications is currently a trend at Educora. Due to the boom in mobile sales and the fact that the Indian government supports and encourages startups, many jobs related to Android technology are currently being generated.

Android Training Classes at the Educora Institute is a very intensive and very engaging course in which students are taught how to use Android Studio. Holistic training approach. The Android training at the Institute consists of working on several ts projects, thus expanding the basic understanding of Android and also aiming at visionary programming. Also included in the package is the Android Enterprise Internship through our Android course, which is subordinate to the Android Training Institute in Pune. The training facilitates the expansion and understanding at intervals of the academics and turns them into versatile professionals.

What is Android?

Android is a mobile operating system. The Android operating system is developed by the Open Handset Alliance (OHA). OHA is operated by Google. OHA is an amalgamation of several companies. Like Samsung, Sony, etc. Google launched the first Android device in September. 2005 The first commercial version of Android i. Android version 1.0, which was Alpha, was released in 2008. Cupcake i. Android version 1.5 was released in April 2009; Donut, version 1.6 of Android, was released in September 2009; then Eclair, Froyo, and GingerBread were released in October 2009, May 2010, and December 2010, respectively. Honeycomb came after Honeycomb (Android version 3.0), Ice Cream Sandwich (Android version 4.0), Jelly Bean (Android version 4.1), KitKat (Android 4.4), Lollipop (Android Version 5.0), Marshmallow (Android Version 6.0), Nougat (Android Version 7.0), Oreo (Android Version 8.0) came. Android 9.0 version called Pie arrived in August 2018. The latest version of Android is Queen Cake, Android 10, which was released on September 3, 2019. To know all of these Android versions and the differences between them, find Educora as the best Android course in Pune in Pune. You should definitely check out Seven Mentor, one of the top Android training institutes in Pune.

The only permanent language for Android development was Java. Large parts of Android are written in Java and its APIs, which are intended to be called primarily from Java. He thought it possible to develop Android using C and C ++ applications with the Native Android Development Kit (NDK). Therefore, a new application can easily develop Android applications on Windows, Linux or OS X and the Java compiler converts the base code that structures the source code into sizeable bytecode. Then it will run the execution based on the VM embedded in Android. There are several models that iOS uses that use a native compiler to convert these ObjectiveC codes to ARM machine code (SDK). The Android SDK provides all of the API tools and libraries required to build an Android application. Google generously offers the Android Development Tools (ADT) bundle, which contains the SDK, a version similar or very similar to the Eclipse IDE with the ADT plugins and the Android platform tools with the Android emulator functionality.

To get this knowledge in detail, you need to join the Best Android Course Training Institute in Pune. And if you look at the content of the curriculum, you will find that Educora is one of the best Android training institutes with affordable Android course fees.

Online Class

Android smartphones with various manufacturers conquer almost 90% of the market and dominate the market for mobile operating systems. The Android online training provides you with the knowledge you need to work with the architecture and programming of the Android operating system. Management, styles, streaming notifications and much more. Android online training opens up many future opportunities for you and gives you the opportunity to work as a freelancer. After completing the Android online training, you can create your own application and post it on Google Play Store, an authentic store for Android apps, and monetize it to make money. It shows your creative side.